Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trusting in others....a new school year

I dread the beginning of school every year but this year I have been more overwhelmed then usual.When Hannah was diagnosed back in February, we had amazing support from her 1st grade teacher. She got comfortable with Hannah and knew when there was something off with her. She was someone that I got very comfortable with as far as trusting her, but then again, she KNEW Hannah.  Fast forward to now... We are starting the school year with a new teacher, one who doesn't know Hannah's personality or when things may be "off." She isn't familiar with how we do things. Yes I know that she will learn and it will take time but I am putting my trust in a complete stranger that isn't familiar with my child or this disease. We had open house yesterday and I found myself to be very emotional. This year is very difficult for me and I have a lot of emotions going on. I know the school nurse will take great care of her, as always but I am very apprehensive. We met with her new teacher, the nurse and the principal to go over things. Its not the specific teacher that is the issue. I believe that any new teacher I would be feeling this fear, and I will relive this feeling every single new school year. I dread that. I am struggling with holding on but letting go just the right amount for Hannah. She is a very independent little girl but this is still new and we are learning. In the next 2 weeks Hannah will have a new class, new teacher, new schedule, and will transition from daily multiple injections to an insulin pump attached to her 24 hours a day. It will be a learning experience for us all. Please pray for us as we venture into new waters. I pray that I have the strength to make it through and trust in those caring for my precious gift.

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