Monday, November 9, 2015


​Hope is something I have been lacking recently and just feeling diabetes burnout and going through the motions.  A successful day of diabetes is just surviving.  Recently we attended the friends for life conference in Canada and a gentleman by the name of Andrew Deutscher talked about type 1 diabetes and those "thriving" instead of just "surviving". I want us to be that. 

We just attended the JDRF gala this past weekend. I heard words such as "hope". There was so much inspiration. People were so generously donating money to help my child and all other type 1 diabetics. I am inspired and completely grateful for all who gave and supported this wonderful cause.  I sometimes forget about the hope I saw at Friends for life Orlando, when I saw my little 8 year old hold the  bionic pancreas prototype in her hands. The sparkle in her eyes when she realized what this could mean for her. She was holding hope in her hands. The future of diabetes. I remember it, but it still sits in the back of my mind sometimes, buried beneath  all the other things that cross my mind each day. That was hope. A cure is coming, a chance for her to experience life without worrying her number one fear....."will there be a cure for type 1 diabetes?". Yes folks, this is what my 9 year old worries about.
I'm a diabetes mom and my daughter needs a cure. The stress is real, the mental health needs are real, the daily struggles are real. The worry for me as a mom of worrying if my child will wake up in the morning is real. We worry, we stress, and we cry.
I'm tired of just "surviving". Im tired of just going through the motions.
As I think of the times I have had to force feed my daughter sugar or juice at 2am, or see her struggle through the horrible feelings of a low blood sugar, I vow to not lose hope. There are amazing people fighting for a cure and are working so hard to find one. Hannah needs a cure, but until that happens, I will fight with her, hope for her, and pray for her.
The cure.. its coming.

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  1. We are dealing with burnout here too. It's so hard, but I am constantly amazed at their resilience.

    And I'm a little jealous at the FFL Canada. I hope it was a blast!