Sunday, September 14, 2014

Insulin pump!!!

So we waited 6 months.... 6 months of 5 injections of insulin a day. Now we are down to 1 stick every 3 days. The insulin pump has been awesome! It definitely has its perks. We are still learning so much about it but so far we are doing great. Hannah has had it a week and already knows how to use it independently. The site changes have been a little challenging but each time gets a little better. I think Hannah feels a little more in control as well. She has something that SHE can use to help control her diabetes. She has taken the reins and we are so excited for her! The down side though is more supplies. Type 1 diabetes is not a cheap disease. Im sure if you were to add up the cost over 20 years and it has to be in the millions. More reason to support the JDRF and help them find a cure!!!!!
Hannah on the first day of getting her insulin pump

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